Why Bob?

Most research and statistical consulting firms can provide reams of data for their clients.
Having conducted research for senior managers and C-level executives of numerous
Fortune 500 companies, Bob understands the critical importance of interpretation and
practical recommendations that move from data to more effective decision-making.

Bob is a veteran statistician and RIVA-trained moderator who knows that
trustworthy insights can only be built on a foundation of the highest-quality
information—and has the expertise to recognize and deliver it.

But he also helps clients take steps towards successful execution. This means
creating thoughtful analysis and spotting patterns from multiple data points—
revealing opportunities to make a huge impact on your business.

In addition to providing comprehensive, end-to-end market research, we also offer
consulting services to accommodate different needs and budgets, including:

  • Survey development
  • Focus group moderating
  • In-depth interviews
  • Advanced analytics
  • Methodology and statistical consulting


Bob Harlow, PhD, is a veteran social psychologist and statistician who develops market research
programs that help organizations more deeply understand their target audiences.

Bob has partnered with marketing managers and senior executives at some of the world’s
largest companies and leading nonprofit organizations to develop brand, communications,
and operations strategies. He has held senior and management positions at IBM and with
such market research consulting groups as Yankelovich Partners, RONIN, and KRC.

Bob has written hundreds of surveys and conducted hundreds of focus groups and interviews
with broad audiences in 30 countries. He has contributed to more than a dozen scholarly
publications on social psychology and research methods, and was the principal investigator for
The Wallace Foundation’s Studies in Building Arts Audiences.

Bob holds a PhD in social psychology from Princeton University and completed the postdoctoral
program in quantitative analysis at New York University’s Stern School of Business and
Graduate School of Arts and Science, where he has taught graduate statistics. He has lived
in Spain and speaks fluent Spanish and French, and is also proficient in Portuguese.


Based on his extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies,
small and mid-size businesses, and non-profit organizations,
Bob offers state-of-the-art research and analysis, including:


Quantitative research encompasses collecting, measuring, and assessing numerical information—most often in surveys—with the goal of gaining a reliable understanding of attitudes and behaviors. The results are both objective and applicable to broader target populations. Applications include:

  • Attitude and usage studies
  • Quantitative advertising testing
  • Quantitative concept testing
  • Brand tracking

Quantitative research can also provide metrics for benchmarking and tracking, and the data can be modeled to build a deeper understanding of market influences.


Qualitative research draws largely from discussion groups and one-on-one interviews. Often, the goals are creating a rich portrait of an audience’s attitudes and behaviors, and exploring the perceptions, motivations, and emotions that drive them. Qualitative research is ideal for organizations targeting an audience they know little about or businesses seeking to engage an existing audience in a new way. This research can inform:

  • Brand strategy
  • Offering development (concept testing)
  • Advertising development and testing