Your ability to be effective depends on how well you
understand your constituents. You need to know:


We offer full-service market research that answers these
mission-critical questions. We will help you get the most from your brand, sharpen
your communications strategies, and target your messaging and advertising efforts.


We offer our clients custom
research methodology – not
a boilerplate, “one-size-fits-
all” approach – that factors in
their business requirements
as well as the specialized
needs of their customers and
what’s needed to reach them.

We draw upon a variety
of research techniques,
including surveys (web,
telephone and even email);
focus groups; in-depth
interviews; and case studies,
as well as programs combining
multiple approaches.

We have deep experience
across a variety of methods,
giving us the flexibility to
design research around
specific challenges (and
budgets) and to deliver
the level of information
required to address those
needs and challenges.


Do you know what your brand stands for—
how customers and prospective customers see
and compare it to other leading brands?

Using a variety of research techniques, We interact
with members of your target audience to learn how
they perceive your brand and what really drives them
to choose one brand over another—whether they are
making a purchase decision, or those important first
steps of visiting your website or picking up the phone.

Brands derive much of their value relative to what other
brands offer, so we take a close look at other brands in
your industry, identifying where they succeed and where
they fall short, and which brands are building momentum
and how. That holistic approach enables you to identify
and seize new opportunities in the marketplace.

Relevant research techniques may include group or
individual interviews if the objective is a first exploration
of brand image or brand extension opportunities, or to
identify the emotional drivers of brand choice. We also
conduct surveys that provide trackable measures of brand
stature, which have been used to develop and refine brand
strategies, and to measure progress against objectives.




By going to the audiences
you most want to move, we
can give you the information
to help you craft effective
brand, product, and service
messages and campaigns from
the outset—or at any stage of
advertising development.



In the early stages, we help
you identify what themes and
messages to hit, as well as the
precise language that captures
attention, sets you apart from
the competition, and touches
on the genuine needs and
desires of your target audience.



And as your advertising
campaign develops, we
offer guidance into which
executions are most clear,
compelling, and differentiating
— and can provide a roadmap
to transform “good” messaging
into “great” messaging.


Collecting and compiling information is only the first step towards better decision-making. Analysis of data culled from online surveys, at point of sale, or from marketing databases has even greater value when it goes beyond individual data points to mathematical models of what drives attitudes and behavior.

Analytics can spot data patterns that provide a richer understanding of markets, lead to new discoveries, and yield tangible results for our clients.

A trained statistician (and former professor of graduate statistics), Bob has both broad and deep experience with multiple regression, structural equation modeling, mixed linear models, factor analysis, cluster analysis, and more—as well as applied analysis tools such as TURF analysis and correspondence analysis. He also has decades of experience applying these tools to marketing and other real-world problems, to yield practical insights, implications, and recommendations.